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10/17 Meeting Reflection

The October 17th BU Veg Society meeting was a huge success. Our exceptional Tori Brown led a necessary discussion on activism, specifically, on the merits of leafletting. We discussed how leafletting can be an intimidating prospect at first, but a great dialogue between seasoned leafletters and novices then emerged, quelling many fears. I hope some of the new faces I saw were reassured by the consensus that negative remarks from passers-by and confrontations with recipients of our literature almost never happen!

One new member, by the end of the discussion, mentioned that she wanted to help us design some new leaflets and perhaps work her way up to distributing them. This was super exciting, along with the participatory energy of our new and old members alike.

We also began brainstorming ideas for next semester’s events, which to me, was the most exciting part of the meeting. The Veg Society has been off to a phenomenal start event-wise so far, and to keep the momentum going would be such a great thing for the animals, as well as for the activists among us who hope to keep enriching themselves and learning.

Sitting in a great big circle can perhaps, for some, be reminiscent of our elementary school days, but in fact, it highlights the value of a truly Socratic environment, seeing as though the Veg Society prides itself on its non-heirarchical structure.

Finally, Peace O’ Pie vegan pizza was delicious as always!

Hope to see you all at our next meeting.

– Gunita Singh

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