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The Next Step

Late nights in Mugar often get me to wondering, “When are we going to hit the tipping point for veganism?” An article came out recently describing how truly easy it is to go vegan, even providing a few pointers; when I realized that it was The New York Times purveying this information, I reeled with joy. We’re finally mainstreamin’ it! But if we’re going to continue mainstreamin’ it, ALL of us need to get up and get active for the animals. If that means we start actively writing more blogs posts or letters to editors, that’s what we gotta do. If that means we get commit ourselves to leafleting once or twice a month, then that’s what we gotta do. If that means we work on finding big contributors to the movement, then that’s what we gotta do. Sometimes conversing with the general public is not necessarily our forte – but that simply means that we find out what our strengths are, and start using them to keep the momentum going for the animals. Every minute we sit in front of a television screen is a minute that we could potentially be working actively toward animal liberation. The animals are waiting for us – they have been trying for minutes, hours, days to become free. The baby calves already yell at the top of their lungs while they are dragged away from their mothers. They have only just begun to feel the pain that will live in their hearts forever, separated from their mothers. There is only so much they can do in protest. We are the ones who hold them in cavtivity. It is our turn to fight for them. Please, become active – hone in on your strengths and utilize them for the greater good. In some manner. This group has more events planned this semester than we know what to do with, so come and get involved in one/all of them.

Rachel Atcheson

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